Liliana Cuzzocrea

“Everyone deserves to enjoy movement!”


Staff Instructor

Hometown: Milano, Italy

Colleges attended and degrees earned: Università Statale di Milano: BA (Literature and Philosophy, with a Major in Anglo-American Literature), Grand Canyon University: MA (TESL), NPTI: Post Secondary Diploma in Personal Training

Years teaching Pilates: since 2013

Years taking Pilates: since 2013

Trained by: Katrina Foe, Kellee Stooks and Anna Jones through Balanced Body

Other related certifications/credential: Certified Personal Trainer, Community College Teaching Certification

Hobbies: Going to classic and modern dance shows when I get a chance. Cycling with my husband, rollerblading, and hiking in beautiful places. Reading fiction and Jungian psychology books.

Children: I do not have any children, but I have one little niece and two nephews who I adore. I also have two very much loved Australian terriers and a beautiful cat.

Pilates Philosophy statement: Throughout our lives, we all strive to attain physical and psychological well being. Pilates is one of the best tools ever created to help us in this. It should not be forgotten that Joseph Pilates started with helping those wounded in the war.

Favorite Pilates exercise and why: Swan Rocking, because my back feels great when I do it!

How Pilates helped me: Pilates has made me aware of my own incorrect alignment and posture habits, it has improved my core strength, flexibility and ability to focus. It has also brought back from my ballet years my sense of rhythm and movement flow.

Why I enjoy teaching Pilates: There is nothing more rewarding for me than helping others discover their own strength and capability to stay in the moment, and what our bodies can do when the connection with our minds is established.