meet your Nutritional Therapist
Hi, I'm Katrina Foe!

I was introduced to the power of food to heal when my oldest daughter was dealing with tooth decay and we used the GAPS diet to halt it. This process inspired our family to live a simpler life in the country and so we moved to a small farm in Idaho where we raise all our own meat and eggs. I am passionate about properly prepared food and the difference quality makes on our health.

Later, I developed breast cancer and again turned to food and treated it successfully 100% naturally. This journey took me on a deeper dive into the imbalances that can create dysfunction in the body. After experiencing the profound effect that food can have first hand, I went through the Nutritional Therapy Association’s training to become a Functional Nutritional Therapist. I then continued my education through Restorative Wellness Solutions with training to interpret lab tests which allow me to personalize my recommendations for my clients all over the world. In 2020, RWS asked me to come on board as part of their instructor team to train other practitioners in how the body works.  

I have always had a passion for understanding how the body works. I have been teaching Pilates and anatomy for over twenty years and I conduct Pilates teacher training at our studio, Personalized Pilates, in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as speaking at Pilates conferences internationally.

My husband and I are blessed with 7 children which we are passionate about raising not only with good health but also with the understanding of how to pass that on to our future generations. We believe that our bodies are created to heal and are excited to share that with everyone we encounter!