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Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Training Customized For Dancers

  • This training is organized differently and taught at a more advanced level because dancers already know movement, can see alignment, & pick up choreography quickly.
  • In 4 weeks you’ll be Balanced Body trained on the Reformer, Mat, Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, & more.
  • You will learn how to prevent your own injuries and how to rehab injuries if they do occur.
  • Lodging at a beautiful resort, your daily transportation, and  healthy lunches are included!
  • You will go home happy
How is the Intensive Organized Differently for Dancers?

Online Support & Mentoring

You receive our online apprentice program and receive personal mentoring from Katrina in our private Facebook group.

Get Balanced Body or PMA Certified

At the end of our program, you will receive a certificate of completion and will be ready to take the PMA or BB certification tests.

Who Is The Summer Intensive For?

Program Curriculum

Our Mission

We are bringing you the highest quality Pilates teacher training program, Balanced Body, offered in a special format just for dancers.  We have specifically arranged it  so that you will obtain a deeper understanding of the Pilates exercises, how they interconnect and how they progress through the system.  We are passionate about helping dancers utilize the skills they have developed with their dancing to create a job that helps others – and we want to make it so affordable that dancers will be able to travel to us to take the training for the same price as if they did it locally.


You will be a comprehensively trained Balanced Body Pilates instructor on the Reformer, Mat, Chair, Cadillac/Tower, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and other small equipment and you will be able to teach clients with all kinds of needs – post rehab, athletes, back issues, dance injuries, pregnancy, osteoporosis, and more!

How Intensive Will Improve Your Dance Skills

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Ongoing Support & Certification

During the intensive we will discuss how you will continue to advance your Pilates teaching skills once you return home.  You’ll have access to our online mentorship program (Liftoff) and our private Facebook group where you can interact with our community of intensive students.  We will be with you every step of the way!

Program Structure

Monday – Friday = 8am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday = bonus time to review and teach other students.  You may also enjoy some time off to rest and relax.

What Your Daily Schedule Will Be...

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Mornings – in a beautiful ballet studio we review previous day, a mat workout,  learn anatomy and integrate it with movement principles.
Afternoons – at our Pilates studio for a lecture and to learn Pilates exercises, do the exercises and teach them to one another.


Lodging is included!  You’ll be staying at the gorgeous Orange Tree Resort with a same-gender room mate that is also in the program.  Each room is a suite – you will enjoy apartment-like living including a sparkling pool & hot tub.

Meals & Transportation

 We provide your daily transportation from the resort to the ballet studio, to the Pilates studio and back to the resort.  We also provide a healthy lunch for you Mon-Fri.  Breakfasts, dinners, and weekend meals are on your own.  Transportation to/from airport is not included.

"Personalized Pilates has been the perfect place for me to go through my training with extremely knowledgeable teacher trainers and a welcoming community of other instructors, there are always people who are eager to learn and to share."

Dancer Testimonial

Abby's Experience

Abby is in her final year as a dance major in college. She plans to teach Pilates as a way to have a flexible, good paying job that she loves while she continues to pursue her dance career.

meet your instructor
Hi, I'm Katrina Foe!

My greatest joy comes from helping people enjoy movement after they have had years of pain. As a Pilates teacher, I get to do this everyday and now I get to pass this joy on to others!

While I was a dance major at TCU, I was introduced to Pilates and saw that I could do post-rehab work with it and not have to deal with the insurance red tape. I completed teacher training during my senior year alongside a couple of my professors. I was amazed by the changes in my own body and especially in my dancing from taking the Pilates teacher training!

Now I own my own thriving studio with more than 15 instructors that work for me. I work with Balanced Body, the best quality and largest Pilates education program and equipment, to train instructors both at my studio and around the world. I regularly present at Pilates conferences including Pilates on Tour and Pilates Method Alliance. Out of the need that I have seen in the industry, I have also created a series of online courses to help instructors take their teaching deeper, faster. These programs are used by Pilates instructors all over the world.

Because my passion began from my dancing, I have always had a special place in my heart for helping dancers develop their skills in this way and I’m excited to help you through our Dancer Intensive!

What's Included, You Ask?

Pilates Modules

You will learn the entire Pilates repertoire of over 350 classical exercises on every piece of Pilates equipment.

  • Movement Principles – $525
  • Anatomy in 3 Dimensions – $525
  • Mat 1 – $525
  • Mat 2 – $525
  • Mat 3 – $525
  • Reformer 1 – $525
  • Reformer 2 – $525
  • Reformer 3 – $525
  • Cadillac/Tower – $575
  • Chair – $525
  • Barrels & Small Apparatus – $425
  • TOTAL = $5725
Manuals & Videos

The Balanced Body manuals & videos are the most thorough and well designed in the industry.  You receive a manual and streaming video access for all 11 modules.  (Movement Principles, Anatomy in 3 Dimensions, Mat 1, Mat 2, Mat 3, Reformer 1, Reformer 2, Reformer 3, Chair, Cadillac/Tower & Barrels)

  • $680 for all 11 modules
Daily Movement Classes, Lectures & Anatomy Building

Each day Katrina will take you through a mat class with a specific focus and using a variety of props.  During this time, your body will experience the Pilates principles while your mind is being educated on them.  

You will learn anatomy in the ideal way – by building the actual muscles out of clay and then experience them through movement.  When you build in clay you’ll attach it to miniature skeletons which force you to commit to learning the end points of each muscle and thereby increase the understanding of the movements the muscle creates.  Building just a little each day, it will easily sink in.  Katrina will then discuss the application of these muscles by teaching the corresponding movement principle exercises.  These are the stripped down version of the Pilates exercises that allow the movement concepts to be fully experienced and perfected.

Your understanding will be further solidified then by going through the progressions of the full Pilates repertoire on all the equipment.  This will help you to see how the body should be used and how to progress clients through the exercises.   Katrina will also present a lecture each day covering a variety of topics including back conditions, pregnancy, teaching classes, working with athletes (and dancers!), osteoporosis, healthy feet, shoulder mechanics, and much more. 

  • 20 days = $1000
Lodging, Meals & Transportation

For this training your accommodations are included in the tuition price!  Students will be 2 to a suite at the Orange Tree Resort in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. 

We provide a healthy lunch and transportation from resort to ballet studio, to Pilates studio, and back to resort on training days for you.  (Mon-Fri)

  • $2125 for 27 nights of lodging, 20 training day lunches, and 20 days of transportation
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Ongoing Support & Certification

During the intensive we will discuss how you will continue to advance your Pilates teaching skills once you return home.  You’ll have access to our online mentorship program (Liftoff) and our private Facebook group where you can interact with our community of intensive students.  We will be with you every step of the way!

Want Bonuses? You Got It.

Registering for our Dancer Intensive will not only give you access to all eleven modules, with manuals & videos,  and all of our lectures, workouts and anatomy, but you’ll also get these bonuses.  Including…

BONUS # 1: P3 Liftoff Program

Our Liftoff program is designed as an online complement to our teacher training program. This program provides so much information that is not covered in any basic Pilates training as well as giving students a way to review material covered in module lectures.

Students from all over the world use the Liftoff program as they go through our apprentice program from afar. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls many new instructors fall into, about customer service, and many business concepts that will help you thrive as a Pilates instructor.

$795 – Lifetime Membership

BONUS # 2: Plethora of Pilates Props

We use quite a few small pieces of equipment and props when we teach Pilates on the mat and also on the equipment.

With your registration, you will receive a Balanced Body Pilates mat, 10″ purple ball, a thera-band, a magic circle, a foam roller, and a pinky ball (for your feet).  You will use these during your training and then they are yours to take home to keep.

$195 – For All Props 

BONUS # 3: Direct Access To Katrina

You will enjoy learning from Katrina Foe. Her passion for Pilates and her energy are contagious. Katrina is a 2nd generation teacher trainer through her training with Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel. By completing your Pilates teacher training with her, you will be considered a 3rd generation Pilates instructor – a valuable designation in itself.

Additionally, you will have lifetime access to our private Facebook group where Katrina will be available to answer your questions as you work with clients in your city and progress as a teacher.

$240 – Lifetime Access

Katrina on Pilates Chair

Pricing Options

Session 1: July 6-31, 2020

$1000 Deposit & Final Payment of $5595


  • 11 Pilates Modules – $5725
  • 11 Manuals & Video – $680
  • Classes, Lectures & Anatomy – $1000
  • Lodging, Meals & Transportation – $2125
  • Pilates Liftoff Online Course – $795
  • Pilates Props & Small Equipment – $195
  • Direct Access to Katrina – $240
  • TOTAL = $10760
  • Discount = $4165

Session 2: Aug 3-28, 2020

$1000 Deposit & Final Payment of $5595


  • 11 Pilates Modules – $5725
  • 11 Manuals & Video – $680
  • Classes, Lectures & Anatomy – $1000
  • Lodging, Meals & Transportation – $2125
  • Pilates Liftoff Online Course – $795
  • Pilates Props & Small Equipment – $195
  • Direct Access to Katrina – $240
  • TOTAL = $10760
  • Discount = $4165

Pricing and Policies

A $1000 deposit will secure your spot in our dancer intensive program.  We recommend you put your deposit down as soon as you are sure you are able to join us as there are limited spots available.  

Your $1000 deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable on May 31, 2020 at midnight PST for the July session.

Your $1000 deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable on June 30, 2020 at midnight PST for the August session.

Due June 13, 2020 (for July 6-31 session)

Due July 11th, 2020 (for August 3-28 session)

In order to attend the intensive, your final payment (minus the $1000 deposit) must be received by the final payment date for the session you are attending.  If we do not receive your payment on time, your spot will be made available to those on the waitlist. The final payment is non-refundable and non-transferable after the final payment date for your session.

There are no refunds or transfers of payments after the final payment deadline due to the fact that we are required to make intensive payments that are no longer refundable after this time.

We realize that some extenuating circumstances may prohibit you from attending, which may include inclement weather and other circumstances beyond your control. Please consider acquiring travel insurance to help protect yourself from the unforeseen and unavoidable that may affect or prevent your participation in the training (sickness, injury, family emergency, weather, etc.).

Due to non-recoverable payments that we must make in advance to secure your materials, the venue and your lodging, we cannot make exceptions regardless of the circumstance. We appreciate your understanding.


  • Enrollment in the full training – all 11 Balanced Body modules
  • Lunch on the full training days (Mon-Fri)
  • Transport from resort to ballet studio, to Pilates studio, & back to resort (Mon-Fri)
  • Lodgings during the training (night before and night of start/end dates)
  • 11 training manuals and streaming video
  • Pilates mat, foam roller, 10″ ball, theraband, magic circle, & pinky ball (for feet)
  • P3 Liftoff online program
  • Lifetime Personalzied Pilates Facebook group access for ongoing Q & A


  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Airfare
  • Ground transfers to/from airport to hotel
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Evening and weekend activities

For this training you’re accommodations are included in the tuition price!  Students will be 2 to a suite at the Orange Tree Resort in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.  Suites include living room, dining area, full-size refrigerator, sparkling pool/hot tub, and beautiful landscape.

When booking flights, please keep in mind that the training begins at 8am on the first day and ends with a full day on the last day. You must be present for the entire duration of the training in order to receive your hours and the certificate of completion for this training. 

The airfare and ground travel is the responsibility of the participant, so we urge you to coordinate these logistics well in advance and make smart decisions based on weather and events on the ground.

Visit Orange Tree Resort’s website for directions on getting to the hotel. Once you are enrolled, we’ll provide further information on the logistics.

For more information on the Orange Tree Resort, click the link below.

Event Venue Website


  • Intensive Session 1 = July 6-31, 2020
  • Intensive Session 2 = August 3-28, 2020
  • Monday – Friday class will be about 8 hours per day and an hour for lunch
  • Saturdays & Sundays will mostly be days off.  You will have opportunity to be in the studio reviewing and teaching the choreography to each other.


We will start out each day reviewing the material from the previous day and answering any questions.  Following that we will have a group mat class which will highlight different aspects of movement, Pilates principles or teaching techniques.  Then we will build the muscles of the day out of clay onto the skeletons.  The discussion about these muscles will lead into the mini exercises that teach correct movement patterns which are called movement principle exercises.  There will be a break for lunch.


In the afternoons we will start out with a lecture on a related topic while our food digests.  Then we will deconstruct the exercises.  Katrina will demonstrate and discuss the details and then the students will get a chance to both experience the exercise and teach it to each other.  The exercises will be presented in groups of progressions so that the students come away from this understanding deeply how the Pilates exercises relate to each other and how to choose which exercise is appropriate for each client.  There will also be other games and drills to further understand the teaching skills.


Evenings will be your free time.  You will have the opportunity to do some observation hours and/or take lessons if you aren’t already tuckered out from the full day!


Weekends are bonus time to get to go over the material learned during the week and/or practice your teaching skills with other students in the intensive.  There will also be homework to be done during this time.   


What People Say

Since 2001, Katrina Foe has helped over 1000 people achieve their dream of becoming a Pilates instructor.

"Katrina is the best!! Great communication skills, thorough knowledge of the subject matter, incredible cueing and visual imagery presentation!"
Dance Professional
"Excellent class. Katrina is a wonderful teacher. Explanations are very clear, questions are encouraged and answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. I would love to take another class from her."
"Katrina is an incredible instructor. She explains concepts thoroughly and is a master at cueing and visual imagery. I can’t wait to take the rest of the coursework!
Dance Student
"The personal instruction and experience that Katrina Foe provided was AMAZING! It was truly one of the best training modules that I have participated in, and I enjoyed Katrina’s passion, excitement and energy. I also appreciated her personal stories and connections with Joseph Pilate’s proteges, and felt a much deeper connection to his legacy and the history of Pilates."
“Katrina Foe is as gifted with her knowledge as she is with her genuine graciousness. Katrina has an exceptional understanding of the muscles and how they work and apply to exercises. Working hands-on with the clay was extremely helpful to grasp a better understanding of the muscles. I truly enjoyed this class and highly recommend taking it with Katrina. Katrina was super generous with her time. Thanks Katrina!”
Dance Student
"This was a terrific course and a great way to kick off the teacher training program. Katrina is an excellent teacher trainer - she explains the exercises, cues and typical client mistakes thoroughly and clearly. There is no question that Katrina loves Pilates and that she loves helping others enhance their understanding of the practice and to prepare all of us to teach others."


Pilates Intensive Teacher Training
Program  for Dancers 

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to complete the entire Balanced Body Pilates training program, you need to be in attendance for all of the days of the session.  If you absolutely must miss a day, there is the option of paying extra to make it up privately if there is schedule availability. 

Depending on the injury, we may encourage you to wait until next year’s session.  Please contact the studio to discuss your individual case and we can best advise you.  602-750-5799 phone/text or

Yes, this training will teach you everything you need to know to become a great Pilates instructor even if you’ve never taken Pilates before.

This Pilates Intensive Teacher Training is specifically for dancers.  However, you do not have to be currently enrolled in a university dance program in order to qualify.  We welcome all experienced dancers into our Intensive training.

Yes!  We created this program so students can come and study with us even if they don’t live near us.  We have included lodging in the price of your tuition so you don’t need to worry about finding a safe and affordable place near the studio.

No, buying Pilates equipment is not necessary unless you want to start your own studio.  Depending on where you live, you will be qualified to apply for a job in a local studio when you are finished with the program.  You will also be able to teach mat Pilates at local gyms or privately to clients.  There are tons of options for jobs which we will discuss during the Intensive.

What Pilates teachers make per hour ranges wildly based on what city you are teaching in and what format of Pilates you are teaching (privates, mat classes, equipment classes, etc.).  Usually it would fall in the range of $30-$80 per hour.  We will discuss getting a job in the Intensive.

As a Pilates instructor, you have control of the hours you work in most situations.  Clients typically love the mid-morning hours from 8-12 for privates and classes.  The early morning and evening hours are also popular.  We will discuss getting a job in the intensive.

There are many ways of getting the associated hours done after the Intensive which we will discuss during the Intensive.  Often people will do the teaching hours at a local studio.  The observation hours will be included in the online P3 Liftoff program or you can do them live at a local studio.  Personal sessions are hours where you are taking a private or class from another instructor and that can be done anywhere.  There will be bonus opportunities to get some of these hours done while you are here for the Intensive outside of the formal hours (in the evenings, mornings and weekends). 

Yes!  While most instructors choose to work part time, you can definitely work full time if you want to.  Katrina worked straight from 8-6 M-F for many years with only a lunch break.  Since you aren’t doing Pilates alongside the client, instructors are able to teach many hours back to back.  It does take a bit of time to build up a clientele base if you are finding your own clients (many Pilates instructors have to do this).  Some studios are large enough that they supply clients for you.  The beauty is that as a Pilates instructor you have the choice to determine your hours whether it is 4 hours a week or 40. 

Some facilities offer benefits but most Pilates instructors work as independent contractors and would not receive benefits.  You would need to inquire with potential employers to see what they may offer.

The Pilates Intensive Teacher Training will be held at Personalized Pilates in Scottdale, Arizona.  The address is 5010 E. Shea Blvd., Ste 260.  It is in a very upscale area of town and is very safe.  There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s across the street and there are many great restaurants nearby. 

You will not need a car during the intensive.  The only transportation you will need to arrange is from the airport to the hotel when you arrive and from the hotel to the airport when you depart.  We supply transportation Mon-Fri from the hotel to the ballet studio, to the Pilates studio, and back to the hotel.  In the evenings and on the weekends you have free time and you are responsible for your own breakfasts and dinners.  The suites at the hotel have full size refrigerators and there is a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes across the street from the Pilates studio.  You are responsible for any travel you decide to do in the evenings and on the weekends.

The weekends will be free time for you.  We will have opportunities for you to come in to the studio and do some of your associated hours – observe, practice teach, take lessons from another student, etc. if you are interested.  We recommend coming in at least to review the class material for a few hours. 

There is no test at the end of the Intensive.  Students will need to go home and practice the material learned and do the associated teaching, observation and personal sessions.  The student would then qualify to take the Balanced Body comprehensive test out, which may be done in almost any state.  There is also a written final at the end of the online P3 Liftoff program which is part of the bundle you get with the Intensive.  By completing the Intensive and P3 Liftoff program through Katrina Foe, second generation Pilates instructor, you will receive the designation of being a third generation Pilates instructor.  Completing the Intensive, P3 Liftoff and associated hours will qualify students to take the Pilates Method Alliance’s National Pilates Certification.  After completing this exam, you will have the designation of National Pilates Certified Teacher, NPCT. 

The Pilates Intensive Teacher Training program covers your lodging, training day lunches & transportation (Mon-Fri), and all your training costs – courses, mat and small equipment, manuals and training videos.  Each student will be responsible for their own airfare, transport to/from airport to the hotel, all meals other than training day lunches, and any recreational activities.

"The mat 2 module was as terrific as the first. I learned so much and was incredibly inspired by Katrina! She is the most amazing teacher - patient, incredibly knowledgeable, talented and motivating! Loved it all!!"
Debbie D.
"The course fully exceeded my expectations and was so helpful and inspiring! Katrina Foe has so much knowledge and her teaching method and explanations were absolutely terrific. I learned so much and can't wait for the next course!"
Jill P.
"Katrina is the best!! Great communication skills, thorough knowledge of the subject matter, incredible cuing and visual imagery presentation! She is an amazing speaker!
Jen B.

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