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Katrina Foe


See what others are saying about their Pilates training with Katrina… 

"Katrina was absoluetly Great!! She is very knowledgable and made me feel at ease!She was so friendly and welcoming that I really took away more from the class than mat information – I truly had a great experience and am looking forward to learning much more!!"

"Katrina is a fabulous teacher who gives more information than even the book. She is constantly giving extra modifications to make the exercise both easier and harder. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

"Katrina is an excellent teacher. She is very good at sharing her knowledge and many years of experience with her students. She’s excited about Pilates and that energy comes across….I look forward to the rest of the modules."

"Katrina Foe was an incredible teacher. Her teaching style was easy to understand and implement. The course was above my expectations. Thank you!"

"Katrina is wonderful! My experience at Personalized Pilates was very professional and enjoyable."

The anatomy class was excellent! The explanations were clear and thorough. Pace was very good. Katrina was outstanding. I would take any class she ever taught.

This course was super helpful to me. I enjoyed the format of this class VERY much. The information was presented clearly and the hours flew by. Katrina was a fabulous teacher!

"The class was excellent & Katrina is an amazing & very patient instructor. The information helped to put into perspective the body movements and/or exercises taught in Pilates and why. The hands on experience added insight & awareness for what an instructor is wanting to accomplish and focus on, as well as how I move and my body functions. The material is vast and I'm excited to master it all!"

"This class was very informative. Came away with some great information not only about the muscles and their origins and insertions but how they apply to movement. Was able to ask many questions and got clear concise answers. Katrina is a mind of information. Thank You Katrina!"

Hi, I'm Katrina Foe!

My greatest joy comes from helping people enjoy movement after they have had years of pain. As a Pilates teacher, I get to do this everyday and now I get to pass this joy on to others!

While I was a dance major at TCU, I was introduced to Pilates and saw that I could do post-rehab work with it and not have to deal with the insurance red tape. I completed teacher training during my senior year alongside a couple of my professors. I was amazed by the changes in my own body and especially in my dancing from taking the Pilates teacher training!

Now I own my own thriving studio with more than 15 instructors that work for me. I work with Balanced Body, the best quality and largest Pilates education program and equipment, to train instructors both at my studio and around the world. I present at Pilates conferences including Pilates on Tour and Pilates Method Alliance regularly. Out of the need that I have seen in the industry, I have also created a series of online courses to help instructors take their teaching deeper, faster. These programs are used by Pilates instructors all over the world.

Because my passion began from my dancing, I have always had a special place in my heart for helping dancers develop their skills in this way and I’m excited to help you through our Dancer Intensive!

Who Is The Summer Intensive For?


2020 Summer Intensive

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to complete the entire Balanced Body Pilates training program, you need to be in attendance for all of the days of the session.  If you absolutely must miss a day, there is the option of paying extra to make it up privately if there is schedule availability. 

Depending on the injury, we may encourage you to wait until next year’s session.  Please contact the studio to discuss your individual case and we can best advise you.

Yes, this training will teach you everything you need to be a great Pilates instructor even if you’ve never taken Pilates before.

This Pilates Intensive Teacher Training is specifically for dancers.  However, you do not have to be currently enrolled in a university dance program in order to qualify. 

Yes!  We created this program so that students can come and study with us even if they don’t live near us.  If you will need housing during your stay, please let us know and we will supply you with a list of nearby options. 

If you are from out of town, please let us know and we will supply you with a list of nearby options for great housing.  Airbnb is also another great option as a large number of people go out of town for the summer in the area near the studio.  We will also be collecting a list of those interested in rooming with someone that will be available if you are interested in this option. 

No, buying Pilates equipment is not necessary unless you want to start your own studio.  Depending on where you live, you will be qualified to apply for a job in a local studio when you are finished with the program.  You will also be able to teach mat Pilates at local gyms or privately to clients.  There are tons of options for jobs which we will discuss during the Intensive.

What Pilates teachers make per hour ranges wildly based on what city you are teaching in and what format of Pilates you are teaching (privates, mat classes, equipment classes, etc.).  Usually it would fall in the range of $30-60 per hour.  We will discuss getting a job in the Intensive.

As a Pilates instructor, you have control of the hours you work in most situations.  Clients typically love the mid-morning hours from 8-12 for privates and classes.  The early morning and evening hours are also popular.  We will discuss getting a job in the intensive.

There are many ways of getting the associated hours done after the Intensive which we will discuss during the Intensive.  Often people will do the teaching hours at a local studio.  The observation hours will be included in the online P3 Liftoff program or you can do them live at a local studio.  Personal sessions are hours where you are taking a private or class from another instructor and that can be done anywhere.  There will be bonus opportunities to get some of these hours done while you are here for the Intensive outside of the formal hours (in the evenings, mornings and weekends). 

Yes!  While most instructors choose to work part time, you can definitely work full time if you want to.  Katrina worked straight from 8-6 M-F for many years with only a lunch break.  Since you aren’t doing Pilates alongside the client, instructors are able to teach many hours back to back.  It does take a bit of time to build up a clientele base if you are finding your own clients (many Pilates instructors have to do this).  Some studios are large enough that they supply clients for you though.  The beauty is that as a Pilates instructor you have the choice to determine your hours whether it is 4 hours a week or 40. 

Some facilities offer benefits but most Pilates instructors work as independent contractors and would not be getting benefits as such.

The Pilates Intensive Teacher Training will be held at Personalized Pilates in Scottdale, Arizona.  The address is 5010 E. Shea Blvd., Ste 260.  It is in a very upscale area of town and is very safe.  There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s across the street and there are many great restaurants nearby. 

It depends on where you are staying as to whether you’ll need a car, but most likely yes.  The morning session will be held outside of the studio and during lunch we will also be changing location to the Personalized Pilates studio.  There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s across the street and there are many great restaurants walking distance from the studio.   If you are interested in sharing a room with someone, we will be facilitating connecting people.  This may also help people to share transportation as well.  There is not good public transportation in the area.

The weekends will be free time for you.  We will have opportunities for you to come in to the studio and do some of your associated hours – observe, practice teach, take lessons from another student, etc. if you are interested.  We recommend coming in at least to review the class material for a few hours. 

There is no test at the end of the Intensive.  Students would need to go home and practice the material learned and do the associated teaching, observation and personal sessions.  The student would then qualify to take the Balanced Body comprehensive test out, which may be done in almost any state.  There is also a written final at the end of the online P3 Liftoff program which is part of the bundle you get with the Intensive.  By completing the Intensive and P3 Liftoff program through Katrina Foe, second generation Pilates instructor, you will receive the designation of being a third generation Pilates instructor.  Completing the Intensive, P3 Liftoff and associated hours will qualify students to take the Pilates Method Alliance’s National Pilates Certification.  After completing this exam, you would have the designation of National Pilates Certified Teacher, NPCT. 

The Pilates Intensive Teacher Training program covers all your training costs – courses, mat and small equipment, manuals and training videos.  Each student will be responsible for their own travel, lodgings, food and transportation. 

"The mat 2 module was as terrific as the first. I learned so much and was incredibly inspired by Katrina! She is the most amazing teacher - patient, incredibly knowledgeable, talented and motivating! Loved it all!!"
Debbie D.
"The course fully exceeded my expectations and was so helpful and inspiring! Katrina Foe has so much knowledge and her teaching method and explanations were absolutely terrific. I learned so much and can't wait for the next course!"
Jill P.
"Katrina is the best!! Great communication skills, thorough knowledge of the subject matter, incredible cuing and visual imagery presentation! She is an amazing speaker!
Jen B.

It's Your Time To Do Big Things!

If you want to make a great income doing a job you love and to be able to take better car of your body, then our Pilates Summer Intensive is the Program you need to make it happen, fast.