“As a Tucson Police Officer, while apprehending a homicide suspect, I suffered a severe spinal injury due to a fall of approximately fifteen feet.  As a result, cervical vertebrae 4, 5 and 6 were broken or crushed.  For a period of nine months, I was virtually paralyzed from the sternum down.  As you can imagine, my total body began to deteriorate – everything – muscles, connective tissue and joints.  Surgery was the only option.  However, good fortune smiled on me.  My spinal cord was twisted and bruised, but not severed and the resulting edema created my paralysis.  After two lengthy surgeries, my mobility and muscle functions were restored, but my body remained in physical shambles.  Neither modern medicine nor pharmaceuticals could restore me to health; but exercise, both physical and mental, could and did.  I regained my strength, my stature and my life.  However, one large component remained – pain, and with that the lack of flexibility and range of motion.  I lived with that for two decades – until June of 2005.  That was when my wife, Victoria and I discovered the magical world of Pilates.  I am free of chronic pain now thanks to this amazing concept and an amazing mentor.”

“Thank you, Katrina.  Because of you, others in my life can now experience the magic.”
– “Thumper” Thornton

Thumper and his wife, Victoria, are now both Pilates Instructors and owners of the Mind to Motion Pilates Studio in Green Valley, Az.

“Five years ago I was shoveling rock in my backyard and twisted wrong.  For three months I had a severe pain form my hip down my thigh.  Also, I had numbness from my leg to my foot.  I finally went to the Dr., she thought it was my TFL and sent me to a physical therapist.   He (PT) took me through some stretches thinking it was my hip flexors (he scratched his head a lot).  I kept going to him twice a week for about a month then he said he couldn’t do anything for me and sent me back to my Dr.  My Dr. sent me to a back specialist who ordered a MRI.  He found that I had ruptured disc which he said was S1, and could not be operated because of the location.  He sent me to a pain specialist who gave me a cortisone shot in my spine, with special instructions to nott jump (Are you kidding? I am an aerobic instructor!). I had to learn to teach and move differently.   I had no pain for 3 years.  Then I started getting headaches and decided to go to a Chiropractor.  He found that my hips were twisted and fixed them.  Guess what? My pain came back!  He told me to strengthen my hips.  At that time I taught step. How much stronger can they get?  I had my friend, a personal trainer, help me do some functional training.  I developed a nice butt out of it, but the pain was still there.  I stopped training with him, and started getting into Pilates more.  It wasn’t until the first day with Katrina that I actually felt good. She was able to stretch me in the ways that yoga or the simple stretches I was doing myself did not. Since I have been in the teacher training program, I have been able to keep my hips and axis in alignment.  My Chiropractor is really pleased and impressed with my progress. He said to me and I quote “Marla, what you really need to do is keep up the Pilates.  Don’t stop!” I can now sleep through the night and the most outlandish thing is I now sleep on my back when I used to be a stomach sleeper (even through my pregnancies) all because of Pilates and Katrina.”
 – Marla Morgan