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melissa headshotHometown:  Kansas City.

College: Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA, Bachelors in Dance

Teaching Pilates: since 2013

Taking Pilates: since 1999

Trained by: Katrina Foe and Kellee Stooks through Balanced Body

Hobbies: Reading, Exercising, Dancing, Church

Pilates Philosophy Statement: Pilates is all about learning how your body functions.  It makes no difference what body type you have.  If you can learn to move your body in the most effective way, you will be stronger than you can ever imagine.  It’s like becoming a super hero, only you had the ability all this time!  Everyone should be able to experience what their body is fully capable of and be able to utilize it to the utmost potential every day of their life. 

Favorite Exercise: Short Spine!  The name is so funny to me because it’s all about lengthening.  It’s like getting a mini massage every time and I always feel better after I do this exercise.

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How Pilates helped me: Pilates has taught me to have respect for my body.  Once you learn how strong and capable your body is, and start to feel how your


 practice can affect everything you do in a positive way, you want to add to that.  I make all sorts of better healthy decisions and choices for myself now that I am educated about the body and how it feels when I treat it well.  These decisions will last me a lifetime and I am so grateful for that.

Why I enjoy Teaching:  Teaching is awesome!  There is nothing better than sharing what you know with others and watching it impact their lives in such a positive way.  I help people learn about themselves for the better.  I get to watch people release pain and gain strength and they are so thankful.  There are few experiences better than watching someone improve their life, and knowing that you were a part of it.  What a blessing!