Danielle headshotHometown: Phoenix, Arizona
College attended and degree earned: BA of Anthropology and BA of Psychology from ASU
Years teaching Pilates: since 2012
Years taking Pilates:  since 2007
Trained by:  Katrina Foe and Kellee Stooks through Balanced Body

Hobbies: Fitness, reading, sewing and spending time with my family.

Pilates Philosophy statement:  When you truly embrace Pilates is when you will find yourself utilizing it, not just in the studio, but through every movement, every day.

Favorite Pilates exercise and why: Semi Circle; not only is it hard work and a great stretch, but it is fun!

How Pilates helped me:  Pilates helped me greatly with my recovery from a lumbar spinal fusion in 2006. Since then, Pilates has helped me to master control of my body and prevent further injury from occurring.

Why I enjoy teaching Pilates:  I enjoy teaching Pilates because it allows me to help others in their quest for happy, healthy bodies.