We have three well seasoned Balanced Body teacher trainers at Personalized Pilates – Katrina FoeKellee Stooks and Anna Jones.  Here are some of the recent testimonials from instructors that have gone through teacher training at our studio.  

I have enjoyed the whole process of training,and have been motivated by my instructor, Kellee with her positive and motivating attitude.

This class was extremely well presented and conducted, covering theory,correct technique, teaching method, and philosophy. A lot of attention was given to the many challenges an instructor will meet while working with a diverse clientele. Movement principles were covered extensively. All exercises were presented and executed by students with all their modifications. It was such a great class that I was able to concentrate non stop the whole time! I’m looking forward to Mat 2.

I thought Kellee did an amazing job teaching this module (as with every module I have attended!) She is very knowledgeable and has a tremendous teaching persona. She welcomes and encourages any and all questions, and is very happy to use her skills and experiences with everyone.

Katrina Foe and Kellee Stooks were absolutely amazing and very well educated on every part of Pilates. It is motivating and encouraging to learn from two instructors so passionate about Pilates.

I was very impressed with the course and materials that were provided, especially the manuals and dvd’s. However, the personal instruction and experience that Katrina Foe provided was AMAZING! It was truly one of the best training modules that I have participated in, and I enjoyed Katrina’s passion, excitement and energy. I also appreciated her personal stories and connections with Joseph Pilate’s proteges, and felt a much deeper connection to his legacy and the history of Plates.

Excellent class. Katrina is a wonderful teacher. Explanations are very clear, questions are encouraged and answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. I would love to take another class from her.

Reformer 3 was SUPER well taught by Miss Anna Jones, who was able to cover all aspects of the exercises, with detailed attention to movement principles, anatomy, safety, form, and exercise purpose. Excellent module!

I find Kellee to be very talented in Pilates movements and she possesses the ability to present the material clearly in a motivating manner. I feel very fortunate to be studying under her.

This is only my second class but I can already tell that the quality of teaching at this studio is outstanding. Kellee was fantastic. The pace was perfect. She explained things clearly. I am looking forward to more classes with her.

Kellee Stooks is a terrific teacher. She really instilled the sense of discipline and demonstrated wisdom in showing us how to work with individual’s abilities teaching the modifications. I really love the dvd’s that came with the courses as well. Very Professional!!!

This module was, AGAIN, taught with extreme knowledge, clarity, and balance between movement concepts and details. Miss Stooks, whose energy seems to be inexhaustible, made the material accessible to all of us in her unique, wonderfully effective teaching style, which is accompanied by rare elements of modesty and compassion.

Fun and informative. An affordable way to break into Pilates. A perfect compliment to the hours of training, observation and student teaching you need to learn this art form .

“Katrina Foe is as gifted with her knowledge as she is with her genuine graciousness. Katrina has an exceptional understanding of the muscles and how they work and apply to exercises. Working hands on with the clay was extremely helpful to grasp a better understanding of the muscles. I truely enjoyed this class and highly recommend taking it with Katrina. Katrina was super generous with her time. Thanks Katrina!”

Kellee Rocks. She is amazing. 🙂

Kellee was so knowledgable in anatomy and movement as well as Pilates that I felt like I received excellent training!

Katrina is the best!! Great communication skills, thorough knowledge of the subject matter, incredible cueing and visual imagery presentation!

Kellee Stooks was fabulous! It is so clear that she not only has an in- depth knowledge of pilates, but she really enjoys what she does! She has so much energy and enthusiasm and I cannot wait to attend mat 2!

The classes were wonderfully executed. They truly inspired me more than I already was and I can’t wait for the next module.

Katrina was absoluetly Great!! She is very knowledgable and made me feel at ease!She was so friendly and welcoming that I really took away more from the class than mat information – I truely had a great experience and am looking forward to learning much more!!

I really enjoyed the course. I’ve practicing Pilates for about a year now. My interest in the course was to learn more about Reformer exercises. Katrina at Personalized Pilates was a great teacher.

This class was amazing, the instructor was well prepaired, kind, and excited to teach. I was only going to do the mat classes, and now I am inspired to do everything. The weekend was a true joy. THANKS!

Great job to the instructor and the balance body manuals. It was a great learning experience filled with all the knowledge i need to be a great instructor.

The mat 2 module was as terrific as the first. I learned so much and was incredibly inspired by Katrina! She is the most amazing teacher – patient, incredibly knowledgeable, talented and motivating! Loved it all!!

Katrina is an incredible instructor. She explains concepts thoroughly and is a master at cueing and visual imagery. I can’t wait to take the rest of the coursework!

The course fully exceeded my expectations and was so helpful and inspiring! Katrina Foe has so much knowledge and her teaching method and explanations were absolutely terrific. I learned so much and can’t wait for the next course!

Really enjoyed Katrina Foe and how she handled everything.

Katrina Foe is a great instructor and very knowledgeable in her field had a great –and very tiring experience.

Katrina is wonderful! My experience at Personalized Pilates was very professional and enjoyable.

This module was wonderful. It was not only informative, but it helped me gain a little more confidence and comfort for teaching.

Katrina Foe is a fabulous teacher! Reformer 3 was above and beyond expectations.

Great class–excellent awareness of exercises. Great feedback on personal practice and manual cueing.

Excellent course, great format, very interactive and engaging.

I learned a lot from Katrina. She broke down the moves into do-able progressions that can be used as independent exercises. Katrina is very encouraging and professional!

This course was perfect! I learned more that I ever thought I could in a two day period. Katrina really does a great job explaining the matereial. I am looking forward to taking the other moduals with her.

Kellie was awesome. She has so much knowledge and has such a great ability to present the material in a clear, concise, and helpful manner. She answers all of our questions thoroughly. She demonstrates the exercises to well. The days actually go by very quickly – and I know they’re long days! I would recommend BB classes given by Kellie to anybody. Also, I got into a car accident on my way home from Day 1 of Reformer (got hit by a car that got hit by another car). Kellie was careful with me the following day. And actually I think being in Reformer 1 all day actually had my back and spine all warmed up for when I got hit. I think it prevented me from a serious injury. So, I’m grateful for that, too! Just a side note!

Kellee Stooks has been a wonderful teacher for all of the BBU modules. She is thorough, creative and enthusiastic. I’ve enjoyed learning form her immensely!

Katrina really made the material “come to life.” Her verbal and manual cueing are impeccable and she helped us take what we were learning to an even deeper level.

Katrina is an excellent instructor. She imparts the knowledge well, makes sure the class understands it, “reads” the class well, welcomes questions, balances firmness with and encouragement, and provides helpful feedback.

The manuals are very well written and the exercises are well explained & photographed. Katrina’s teaching is phenomenal and her ability to make the material understandable on a multitude of levels greatly enhanced my learning experience.

Wonderful! I am very glad I chose Balanced Body!

As usual, the materials were well photographed and explained, and as always, Katrina Foe’s presentation and teaching were unparalleled!

I have been EXTREMELY pleased with Balanced Body’s curriculum and Katrina’s wealth of knowledge 🙂

I thought the class was going to be really hard i enjoyed it and i am very glad i have this opportunity this is a very personal goal thank you

Kartina is a very good teacher of teachers. She is patient and articulate. She is very easy to understand, and is very good at speaking to different levels in a group. I will take other courses with her.

Katrina from Personalized Pilates was very thorough and professional in presenting the material to us. I am extremely satisfied with the program and happy with how much I learned. Thank you!

Katrina is a fabulous teacher whom gives more information than the even the book. She is constantly giving extra modifications to make the exercised both easier and harder. I would highly reccomend her to anyone. The Balanced Body course material is the most comprehensive in giving modifications, transitions, and even imagery and cueing. They give you everything you need to put a good pilates routine together.

The course and the material was very informative. It was taught with passion and fun.

Katrina was exceptionally good at explaining the finer points and how to cue them to our students.

This module was intense, but as always very informative and executed well. The lectures were especially informative.

Love the training. Katrina is fabulous.


Thank you so much! Katrina was an amazing teacher and she made the class worth while!

Katrina Foe is as gifted with her knowledge as she is with her genuine graciousness. Katrina has an exceptional understanding of the muscles and how they work and apply to exercises. Working hands on with the clay was extremely helpful to grasp a better understanding of the muscles. I truely enjoyed this class and highly recommend taking it with Katrina. Katrina was super generous with her time. Thanks Katrina!

Great class, love the break out sessions where we can practice teaching eachother. And, designing our own routines and teaching them. Kelle our teacher rocks

Katrina was very thorough in both speech and presentation. Looking forward to the Mat II session.

Loved the format of the class. It was very helpful the way she went through the exercises – demonstation with someone else in the class, then we talked through the exercise and then we all did the exercise.

This was a terrific course and a great way to kick off the teacher training program. Katrina is an excellent teacher trainer – she explains the exercises, cues and typical client mistakes thoroughly and clearly. There is no question that she and Kellee both love pilates and love helping others enhance their understanding of the practice and prepare to teach others. The explanations and pictures of the exercises in the workbook were helpful.

Thoroughly appreciated Katrina’s teaching style and fluidity — excellent.

The class was excellent & Katrina is an amazing & very patient instructor. The information helped to put into perspective the body movements and/or exercises taught in Pilates and why. The hands on experience added insight & awareness for what an instructor is wanting to accomplish and focus on, as well as how I move and my body functions.

Katrina Foe is an excellent instructor and makes the learning fun yet focused. The material and format of the class is good and flows well. I look forward to taking Reformer 2 in the near future.

Katrina is an excellent teacher. She is very good at sharing her knowledge and many years of experience with her students. She’s excited about Pilates and that energy comes across….I look forward to my next module.

Katrina was great. The presentation of the material was clear and direct. It was a very long and physically demanding 2 days (but these modules are….so I knew what I was signing up for). I would definitely take addt’l training modules at PP as the staff and other attendee’s were all very, very friendly and inviting. Thanks for a great wknd:)

The Instructor (Kelly) was very clear and concise. She obviously had good knowledge and understanding of the principles she was teaching. She made it fun and left me excited about taking the next module.

I really enjoy Kelly’s teaching style. She is an excellent role model for me as an up and coming instructor. I look forward to future classes with her.

I think that this instructor has a great approach and a wealth of knowledge to share! Loved all modules with this instructor!

Great teaching. Love the demonstrating as well as the participation. The set up is a great learning environment.

Kelly was a wonderful teacher. She was very clear and had a great knowledge of the material. I also liked how kind she was, she made me very comfortable as I was very nervous! I have a deeper passion for Pilates after taking this course and look forward to many years of working with people to improve their quality of life!

Kellee is a fantastic teacher! She explains everything so clearly and her enthusiasm is terrific.

This module was challenging, informative and fun! Kellee is an excellent teacher. Her demonstrations are very clear and easy to follow. She gives numerous helpful tips. I look forward to workshops, etc. at Personalized pilates, in the future.

I love attending workshops at Personalized Pilates in Scottsdale. Katrina is amazing!!

Kellee is an amazing teacher trainer! She is extremely knowledgeable and brought so much depth to each exercise. The lecture on back pain was very comprehensive. I can’t wait for Reformer III with Kellee!

I have taken Mat 1, Mat 11, reformer I, Chair, and Tower modules with Kellee. She is a wonderful teacher and I am very satisfied with the courses.

Kellee is an amazing Teacher Trainer. Not only did I understand and learn how to teach the Reformer 3 exercises, but some of the exercises I have not been able to do myself until this module. The shoulder lecture was very informative.

Kelly was excellent!! Very motivating and gave great detailed, helpful advice. I look forward to Mat II.

Kelly was wonderful at explaining everything in detail and answering all of our questions about the material itself and all other questions related to pilates. She was very knowledgeable and approachable.

I really enjoyed my courses with Balanced Body. Kellee was a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher, who made the material very interesting.

Kelly was a wonderful instructor and the folks at Personalized Pilates were so friendly.

Katrina Foe was an incredible teacher. Her teaching style was easy to understand and implement. The course was above my expectations. Thank you!

Kellee has a lot of enthusiasm for Pilates. She does a nice job getting through the course material and keeps everyone alert and engaged.

I so enjoyed spending my weekend with Kellee! We certainly had a lot of fun and I definitely appreciated her patience throughout the training. She made certain I got all my questions answered and was very accommodating with my shoulder injury. Kellee has a wealth of knowledge to share and I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to take the training with her!

This class was very informative. Came away with some great information not only about the muscles and their origins and insertions but how they apply to movement. Was able to ask many with clear concise answers. Katrina is a mind of information. Thank You Katrina

Instructor Kellee was AMAZING!!! Super inspiring and very clear in her explanations. Great content and very well taught.

I liked the format. The instructor talked about the exercise and demonstrated it. Then we got to try it ourselves. And then we were able to teach eachother. For me, this format was a great way to learn the information. I also liked the focus on the body and how the exercise is different for different people with different strengths, challenges and body types. I found it to be really interesting. The 2 days really went by quickly.

Kellee Stooks is a wonderful teacher trainer! She has the ability to really communicate (as well as demonstrate) the course material. I feel more confident in my own teaching, just having had her as a teacher trainer!

I really enjoyed my training at Personalized Pilates more than I anticipated, and especially enjoyed working with Kellee. Not only was she extremely knowledgable, and very personable, but she made you feel like you could achieve your goals, and kept you coming back for more. I would highly recommend this training program for anyone interested in becoming a Pilates instructor.

Kelly presented the material very well and was interesting to listen to. She kept the class moving and held our attention. I look forward to completing the Balanced Body certification course over the next year.

This course was excellent. Not only did I get to cover all the Reformer 2 exercises, their instruction, potential modifications, and get my questions answered, I got multiple challenging workouts.

Kellee Stooks is a fabulous teacher. Her knowledge of the material is excellent, and she is a very adept and warm speaker. She was always willing to stop and answer our questions, and she made us feel good while we were all trying to learn something so new and complex. It is so obvious that this is what she should be doing!!

Kellee is an amazing teacher. I learned a lot and grew in my personal practice.

Kellee is a fantastic instructor! She is knowledgeable and is definitely passionate about Pilates, which is so important!

Kellee Stooks was a fantastic trainer! She provided the expertise and passion that anyone would be lucky to be able to be a part of!

Katrina is an excellent instructor and very knowledgable anatomy and kinesiology. Her interaction with students (at all skill levels) makes the material very retainable.

I have been wanting to take this course for several years and it did not disappoint. Experiential learning is the best and Katrina did an excellent job. I especially loved how she was able to tie the anatomy to movement and make important connections that enhanced the learning situation. Thank you!!

I got alot out of this class. I got a deeper understanding of pilates and movement of the human body

Kellee is an amazing teacher with such an obvious love for Pilates. I had a fantastic time learning from her and am excited to continue that in future trainings!

I felt Kellee was extremely knowledgeable and presented the material well. She demonstrated everything with ease and made it fun!

I felt Kellee (our teacher) was extremely knowledgeable and presented the material well. She demonstrated everything with ease and made it fun!

Loved loved loved this workshop! The reformer machine transforms bodies with the right instruction.

I really enjoyed the course and felt Kellee was a fabulous instructor. She was easy to follow and covered the material in informative and interesting manner. Personalized Pilates had a great studio with plenty of space and equipment for all attendees. I would highly recommnend this course to others.

This module was amazing! Such a simple yet so difficult piece of equipment. The instructor made it fun and interesting.

This course made anatomy very hands on and informative. It was such an enjoyable class.

Kelly is a great teacher. She is very knowledgeable and she communicates really well.

Kellee is fantastic and so detailed and very empowering.

Kelly explains the content thoroughly. She is an amazing trainer.

This is my second module with teacher trainer Kellee Stooks. She is an excellent instructor, in both Pilates practice and teacher training. She communicates superbly, and is smart, professional, and personable as well. A true BBU “Gold Star”!

Kellee Sttoks presentation and wealth of knowledge is amazing. She covers so much material and is always happy to answer all of our questions.

Kellee is phenomenal at presenting the material,engaging the class and honing on the importance of the work that is being done in the body. She is inspiring to watch learn from and be motivated by.

This module went real good. I learned some rather tricky exercises and feel good about them.

LOVE Kellee. She is anonalized Pilates was exceptional. I feel I have a great foundation now to build my teaching career in Pilates.

Katrina is very knowledgeable about anatomy and movement of the body. She presented the material in a way that was easy to understand.

I enjoyed the format of this class VERY much. The information was presented clearly and the hours flew by. Katrina was a fabulous teacher!

This was a great course. Katrina was an excellent presenter.

Kellee was outstanding and did a great job in describing each movement and exercise. She gave us great pointers on how to verbally cue certain positions and shared a lot of her past experiences in order for us to be better prepared in our teaching careers.

This course was super helpful to me. I liked see the way the muscles layer and fit together. Katrina does a great job relating the anatomy to movement especially Pilates exercises.

Kellee was an excellent instructor. She was organized, enthusiastic, & extremely supportive & encouraging. A great experience. I will definitely continue with Personalized Pilates for future instruction.

Kelley was a fantastic instructor… very knowledgable and easily articulated complex principles. She created a fun and functional classroom environment.

Kellee presented the information in a very organized manner where we observed her, practiced it ourselves and then taught it. The size of group was appropriate and she was able to answer ALL of our many questions. She is GREAT!!!

The class was excellent. Katrina is a fantastic teacher! I really enjoyed this class. amazing teacher trainer and I always learn so much! Kellee is the best!

Thanks Kellee, Personalites Pilates and Balanced Body!!