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Pilates Variations Series

If you are looking to refine your skills and be head and shoulders above other instructors – this series is for you.

The Pilates Variations Series is 20 Two-Hour Workshops that go way beyond just adding more choreography.  There are so many beautiful, classical Pilates exercises that are rarely taught anymore AND there are so many newer, creative innovations that are incredibly helpful for our clients. 

This series is birthed out of hundreds of hours of continuing education workshops and conferences.  It’s a compilation of what we love that is not in the Balanced Body curriculum, which is the core repertoire of Pilates.  Our goal is to make these exercises accessible to everyone! 

We hope these fun, new exercises will not be just another way of entertaining you, the instructor.  Rather, we hope this new content will inspire you and will become tools that allow you to meet your client’s needs better and challenge them in new, creative ways. 

1 Two Hour Workshop = $79
10 Two Hour Workshops = $590 ($59 each)
20 Two Hour Workshops =
$990$790 ($39 each)

There are only 8-14 spots for each workshop!


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