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Personalized Pilates presents iPilates

AZ PilatesiPilates is expert personal instruction delivered through audio technology on the reformer, tower, chair and barrels.

Innovative. Individual. Inexpensive.

I have complete control of my schedule

I continually have a fresh new workout

I get to be trained by a 2nd generation Master Teacher

I don’t have to worry about other people watching me

I love hearing the compliments my friends are giving me

I have video support so I may see the exercise

I don’t have to worry about keeping up with others in the class

I know I am doing something good for my body

I enjoy how my body feels after Pilates

I look forward to exercising now

I come more often

I can finally afford Pilates

I have found the perfect Pilates for me – iPilates

Amazing Results…………..AFFORDABLE PRICE!


1. One Hour Orientation = $30

2. Package Options:

10 sessions $150
20 sessions $250
monthly unlimited  $169   *(1 visit per day)

We are now accepting new clients!

Call 602-750-5799 or email support@personalizedpilates.com to enroll.

AZ Pilates