Below are some of the feedback that we’ve gotten so far for the P3 program.  Please fill out the contact form to the right to get more information or to register for it.

I would definitely recommend this program to others. I don’t know how I would have done it without going through the P3 program! I needed that extra information. I wouldn’t know where else to find it and it helps with my confidence level when teaching clients

I love this program so much and can’t thank you and Larry enough!

I find the P3 ground breaking. There is nothing I can think of at this foundational teaching level to improve this program. I really look forward to the advanced P3 program!

I thought the Pilates catechism was quite helpful, especially the one that asked what does a client need to know about an exercise from an instructor was really helpful. I thought of it often and would reread it before teaching some times.  Also all the personal sessions that are required stands out. I’m always having eye opening moments during work outs.  The iPilates and class videos were really wonderful tools as well.

The most helpful aspect of this program was first the foundation of knowledge about the Pilates method, the encouragement to trust myself as an instructor, the challenge to think critically, and to read the movement of the body in front of me in order to bring understanding and connection to the client within themselves.

I would definitely recommend this program to other people going through teacher training, and I have!

In just 5 months I have come so far!  I couldn’t really teach at all when I started the P3 program and now people are paying $60 per hour to have me teach them. I feel confident and excited about my new career.

I think all the practical application and well timed assignments make this program effective.  The support system that’s available is also really important.

I loved the whole program. The lectures were awesome and I loved that I could stop them to take notes and go back over the same information. The quizzes were a great way to point out strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks for the videos! They really help me stay on track!

I absolutely would recommend this program!  I feel for the price, you give us so many valuable resources and you are also very good about getting back to our emails when we have questions or concerns.

The P3 program; the way it is set up, the information I learned, the encouragement I received to believe in myself, the follow up support I received through emails, the blog talk podcasts, videos, quizzes, lesson plans…. all amazing and worth every penny I spent!

Without a doubt I would recommend this program to others. It is a wealth of information. Since I started teaching mat classes I have been starving for information. This program has filled that need.  I cannot think of anything I felt disappointed about the program.  I am ecstatic about the P3 program, this was a wise investment.

I have really been enjoying and looking forward to your daily emails! Thanks so much for doing this! 🙂

I would absolutely recommend this program because there are so many more resources with your program as compared to any other teacher training program I have found. It is very clear that your focus is on teaching Pilates teachers to be the best in quickest amount of time.

Great job on the P3 program.  I was impressed with the videos you put together, very informative and very professional. 

I feel competent to teach a client with any condition on all of the equipment after the P3 program. I may not fully understand what the condition is or how it feels to a person, but I believe the P3 program has made me understand the contraindications for most conditions that would presented to me by a client.

I love the emails, Wednesday meetings, notecards, everything is great! It keeps me connected to the learning as if I am back in school!

I think the most helpful part was the Monday lectures – I loved getting that extra information and then taking the quiz at the end.

Really like your description on the difference between the two neutrals. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

I thought the way all the information was presented was incredibly well organized; it makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. I feel I was given very strong foundations!

I feel competent to teach on any of the equipment and to teach a client that has any condition after the P3 program. I know that I could teach someone a class that would be safe for them.

Thanks for the great lecture on the core!!! Loved it! It is nice to listen to as I play with my son 🙂

Just wanted to say I LOVE the daily videos! I wake up excited to watch them and they are always very informative!

Thanks for the great videos! I learn something from each one!