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Personalized Pilates’ Story

In August, 2001, Personalized Pilates opened it’s doors and offered a whole new way to train the body and mind.  Katrina Foe started the studio out of her love for Pilates and desire to help others attain optimal health.   At first, it was just Katrina in a much smaller space, but as the word got out, the studio grew, and grew, and grew!  Now the studio is a family business and Larry Foe, Katrina’s husband, runs the studio and enjoys teaching Pilates.

Personalized Pilates is over 2,000 square feet and has over 20 instructors.  The studio boasts the top of the line Balanced Body Pilates equipment – and a lot of it!  There are 7 reformers, 7 jump boards, 4 towers, 2 combo chairs, 4 EXO chairs, 4 spine correctors, 4 ladder barrels, 4 baby arcs, 2 Pilates arcs, a Cadillac, an Arm Chair, a Ped-a-Pul, a Pilates wedge, a foot corrector, a toe corrector, a bean bag, Bosus, foam rollers, Swiss balls, wobble boards, Triad balls and much more.

Our focus is helping people to create new neuro-muscular patterns so that the muscles are balanced around each joint.  This will allow clients to move more efficiently, reduce or eliminate pain and prevent injuries.  While working for optimal body mechanics, the body will naturally slim down, attain better posture and strengthen the core.  Our goal is to help clients get in touch with their bodies so that they can correct their posture and mechanics on their own and eventually it will become automatic in their body to use correct alignment.  The development of the mind body connection will increases the ability to focus mentally as well as the auditory skills.  And we do all of this while having fun!

DSC_0113_2_12.29We offer many forms of Pilates in order to accommodate every budget, schedule and limitation.  Clients can take private lessons, semi private lessons, classes, or iPilates.  iPilates is expert personal instruction delivered through audio technology on the reformer, tower, chair and barrels.  It is not offered anywhere else in the world.  Our classes are limited to 4 people and utilize all of the Pilates equipment on a rotating basis.  Our lesson plans are strategically designed to maximize your results and never allow you to plateau.  All of our instructors are specialists in pregnancy and post-partum, post rehabilitation and athletic enhancement techniques.  We tailor all of our teaching to the needs of the client in front of us – Personalized Pilates!


Personalized Pilates is proud to be a teacher training facility and has trained most of the instructors in Arizona.  We run three full cycles of the training per year and have a steady stream of Apprentices learning and growing.  Our training program is run through Balanced Body and is the largest worldwide education company in the world.  Balanced Body exceeds the Pilates Method Alliance’s standards for competency and qualifies graduates to sit for their Pilates certification exam.  The training includes the whole classical repertoire as well as additional contemporary choreography based on Joe’s original work so that instructors have the full spectrum of material to pull from in their teaching.

We also offer a revolutionary Pilates mentor program that called P3– Pilates Progressions Program. It strategically covers all the material that is not available in any teacher training program but is essential to succeeding as a Pilates instructor.  We utilize technology in many ways to allow instructors freedom to be able to access this unique training anywhere in the world!  We currently have instructors working with us from England to Australia.

In addition to the teacher training at Personalized Pilates, Katrina teaches at Pilates conventions and workshops all over the country including being the anatomy instructor for Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Master Mentor Program.  Lolita San Miguel is one of only 2 living people to have been trained by Joseph Pilates himself.  This means that our instructors are all 2nd and 3rd generation teachers and adhere to Joseph Pilates’ original training methods.  Personalized Pilates also offers continuing education for all Pilates instructors and regularly has instructors travel from all over the world for our workshops.

Whether you are interested in experiencing Pilates for yourself or learning to teach others, Personalized Pilates can help you.  Contact us today and experience the Personalized Pilates difference!