Below we have links to videos of instructors teaching that you may watch from the comfort of your own home and count for your observation hours.  There will be a variety of levels of experience, sizes of groups, experience and conditions of clients and styles of classes.  In addition,  some of them have comments by Katrina on the video as you are watching it!  This is a work in progress and eventually there will be enough for all of your observation hours if you wish.


These observation hours have been organized in three different ways.  The first is by whether the instructor was an apprentice or experienced (>3 years teaching at the time of recording).  The second is by the type of class taught  either private, duet or class (4 people max).  The last is a grouping of unusual situations that might interest you (new client, pregnant client, osteoporosis client, etc.).  We have also notated which class lesson plan they were using if applicable.  They are all listed in multiple categories so you might want to make a note of which ones you have already watched so you don’t watch the same one twice (although it wouldn’t hurt).


Apprentice vs Experienced


Private vs Duet vs Class


Special Cases