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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy looks at the client in terms of their history, symptoms and diet and creates a plan to support the body towards optimal health.  We don’t diagnose or treat disease.  Instead we focus on continually moving towards more vibrant health no matter where on the health spectrum a client starts.  Nutritional therapy focuses on addressing the root cause of the symptoms instead of simply treating the symptoms by masking them.  In this process, clients are guided towards healthier choices but ultimately it is they that are in the driver’s seat to make the changes that will revitalize their lives.  It is not a quick fix but will have long term, far reaching effects.

Nutritional therapy focuses on using food as medicine.  Supplements are used to get more therapeutic doses for faster results but do not replace the foundational diet and lifestyle changes.  The focus is on a nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods diet that is personalized to the individual based on their bodies’ current needs.


Whole Body Health Package includes:                                                       

Initial Interview and Functional Evaluation – 3 hours approximately

This session will include a full discussion of the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ), Initial Interview form and Food & Mood Journals which are all completed beforehand.  Additionally, we will conduct a comprehensive Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neural Test to identify nutrients that will support the client’s nutritional needs.  The client will leave with a plan of action specifically designed for them which includes diet, lifestyle modifications and supplements as appropriate.

Movement Evaluation and Nutritional Follow Up – 2 hours approximately

This includes a Pilates evaluation lesson and a home workout plan designed specifically for that client’s muscle imbalances.

2 Follow Up Sessions – 1 hour each approximately

These sessions will include review of homework exercises, functional evaluations of specific points to note progress and refine protocols, additional exercises added to the client’s repertoire and etc. based on client’s needs.

Questions via phone or email included

Katrina is available to help in between sessions in order to fine tune the plans that the client is integrating into their life.  This is not intended to replace sessions.

Whole Body Health Package             $500


Further Work

Reevaluations (Movement or Nutritional) – 2 hours                                                   $150

Additional Follow Up Sessions – 1 hour                                                                     $75

5 additional Follow Ups – 1 hour each                                                                      $250

Questions via phone or email for a year                                                                    $100

Katrina has limited availability but is currently taking new clients.  If you are interested in nutritional therapy please email her by clicking here or by contacting the studio.

DFH paperwork     Please print out the paperwork and return to Katrina at least 3 days prior to your appointment.  This will ensure that she has proper time to go over it in order to be prepared and efficient during your appointment.