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have you heard pilates is fantastic, but...

Never Tried It or Had a Disappointing Experience?

We Understand….  Trying something new or trying another studio can be intimidating or even scary.

You can relax, and feel at home at our studio for these reasons:

  • Your lessons are 1-on-1 and we personalize each lesson to your exact needs.
  • Our highly trained instructors can improve your injuries and lessen your pain.
  • We create a customized plan for your personal progress & you see the results.
  • If you’re looking to maximize your athletic performance, we can help you too!

Personalized, Quality Instruction Makes All The Difference!

We Never Stop Learning...

At Personalized Pilates we have helped over 1000 people realize their dream of becoming a Pilates instructor.
These students complete a rigorous, 600+ hour apprenticeship and then we are able to hire only the best from each class. 
We don’t hire for teaching skills alone. 
We select instructors for their integrity, professionalism, attention to detail, caring nature, and if they are a life-long learner.
Schedule a lesson with us and experience the difference!

Personalized Pilates

What Our Clients Say...

Since 2001, we have helped over 5000 people transform their bodies and get more enjoyment out of life.

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We not only teach you great Pilates, we also educate you about your own body’s strengths and weaknesses.  We love explaining the philosophy behind what we are doing and why it is working… and we love passing that passion on to you!  When you understand why you are doing something,it will always be more effective.

Friendly & FUN!

Many times exercise can be monotonous, boring, and downright dreadful.  Not Pilates!  Our instructors make your lessons FUN while having you do the exercises your body needs most.  You will enjoy taking lessons at our studio because you become part of our Pilates Family!  Come see us today.

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Personalized Pilates

“Everyone deserves to enjoy movement!”