Jen Barget

“Working from the inside out to create strength, length, flexibility and balance.”


Staff Instructor

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

College attended and degree earned: The University of Wisconsin at Madison – B.A. in Special Education, Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts – Master’s in Elementary Education

Years teaching Pilates: since 2014

Years taking Pilates: since 2003

Trained by: Katrina Foe, Kellee Stooks and Anna Murdock through Balanced Body

Other related certifications/credentials: PMA Certified Instructor, Stott Pilates Mat Certified

Hobbies: Spending time with my husband, daughters, our 2 furry boys and friends as well as hiking, walking, traveling, eating and practicing Pilates (of course)!

Children: 2 beautiful daughters ages 15 and 12

Pilates Philosophy statement: Working from the inside out to create strength, length, flexibility and balance through the principles of Pilates makes for a very happy body! 

Favorite Pilates exercise and why: I love the Roll Over because, all wrapped up in one exercise, it is an amazing stretch for the spine as well as a workout for the rest of the body. I also like that  it can be performed in many different forms and on various pieces of Pilates equipment.  

How Pilates helped me: Pilates is the only exercise I never get tired of doing! It has taught me about the importance of a strong core in everyday life, helped me maintain flexibility and always leaves me feeling strong and centered.

Why I enjoy teaching Pilates: I love Pilates and teaching it gives me a chance to share my passion with others and help them see the amazing things their body is capable of doing.  Sharing the positive benefits of Pilates with others is an honor.