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Brandon Murdock

Brandon Murdock

Fun Facts

Hometown: I was born and raised for 18 years in Winnemucca Nevada. I moved here from Boise Idaho were I spent several years.
University: Wyoming Technical Institute in Laramie WY
Degree: Associate of Occupational Studies
Years Teaching Pilates: Since 2012
Years Taking Pilates: Since 2007
Trained By: Katrina Foe and Kellee Stooks through Balanced Body
Favorite Exercise: Double leg kick, for its ability to train my upper back extension and hip extension at the same time. These are two of my most important target zones in my quest for balance.
How Pilates Has Helped Me: Pilates gave me core strength which in turn has relieved the back pain I had every morning. It also has taught me so much about my body and the state of my joints. I have greatly increased my body’s flexibility and the range of motion in my joints. I cannot say enough good about the benefits of training in Pilates, especially working with a knowledgeable instructor who will help you understand and embody the principles of Pilates.
Why I Enjoy Teaching Pilates: For me, I found the Pilates method very valuable for health and performance. Its great to be able to spread this practice. I think it is the perfect maintenance program for the human machine.


Hobbies: I love sports and I love how Pilates keeps me fit and primed to preform them. I especially like playing soccer, mountain biking, and snowboarding. I enjoy the outdoors; exploring, hunting, and fishing. I’m also into farming, nutritional cooking, learning, traveling, politics, and anything that can expand my horizons.
Philosophy Statement: The human body is composed of bones moved by muscles controlled by the brain. The tricky part is that the brain can learn to control some muscles better then others which can cause some muscles to get over worked and others to become lazy. This happens for many reasons but often times it is just our repetitive habits; the way we stand, walk, sit, or work are all factors. In Pilates, we focus on training the muscles to hold the bones in the most ideal alignment with respect to joints and range of motion. That is why I feel this is truly intelligent exercise.
Children: None but I do have a really awesome yellow Labrador named Grant.