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Meet Katrina Foe

International Pilates Instructor & Teacher Trainer

In the past 20 years, Katrina has trained over 1000+ students to become Pilates instructors. Her methods and programs have empowered countless teachers to help other people, and generate thriving professional livelihoods in return.

Katrina’s greatest joy comes from watching her students and clients experience profound shifts in their bodies. Motivated by a deep respect for the healing power of intelligent movement, she’s passionate about guiding instructors to take their teaching skills to the next level.

Katrina has been awarded the title 2nd Generation Master Pilates Instructor by Lolita San Miguel, who is only one of 2 people left alive that was trained by Joseph Pilates. She’s also a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Nutritional Therapist.

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