For those individuals that are interested in opening a Pilates studio of their own, we offer Personalized Pilates Business Consulting. Our goal is to assist you in realizing your vision of creating a successful Pilates studio. Through the process of opening your studio our objective is to ensure that you know we have your best interest at heart. We will offer our industry knowledge and Pilates experience to create a studio that is tailored for your individual situation. Over the last several years we have gained invaluable experience and insight on how to launch a fully equipped Pilates studio. The following three-phase process outlines our proven method:

Phase I: Assessment & Recommendation (Interview process and Industry knowledge)
Needs Assessment, Determining appropriate training and equipment

Phase II: Initial Training & Implementation
Deliver Pilates training, Order equipment, Studio set-up, Management training

Phase III: Support & Development (First year and beyond)
Studio Development Coaching, Continuing Education

Whether you just need help ordering equipment or help with the entire process, we will tailor a package for you.  After carefully walking you through each phase of this process, you will be fully prepared to run a thriving Pilates studio!

Hourly consultation is also available by appointment at the rate of $95 per hour with a one hour minimum.  Please contact the studio to schedule an appointment.

Deep discounts on Pilates equipment purchases are available.  One free hour consultation included when agreeing to purchase through Personalized Pilates.  Please contact the studio to schedule an appointment.