Anatomy in 3 Dimensions

Our intensive Pilates Anatomy workshop will review the essentials of musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology.  In the course you will build over 60 of the major muscles used in movement of the body.  These muscles include the Core, Rotator Cuff, Spinal Extensors and other commonly misunderstood areas of the human anatomy.

Pilates Anatomy

Maniken® model shown with permission from Zahourek System, Inc.

Once you have built the body from the inside out, you will never feel intimidated by anatomy for Pilates again! Our focus will be on how the muscles create movement especially in application to Pilates exercises.

This Pilates Anatomy course is appropriate for students of all levels and backgrounds.

This Anatomy for Pilates module has VERY limited availability so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. This workshop fulfills the Balanced Body Pilates Anatomy requirement and can be used for PMA or other CECs with a petition (let us know and we can help you with the needed materials).

$495 Tuition (early registration discount available) – Trail Guide To The Body book used
Prerequisite: None

What Students are saying about the Pilates Anatomy Course:

“Katrina Foe is as gifted with her knowledge as she is with her genuine graciousness. Katrina has an exceptional understanding of the muscles and how they work and apply to exercises. Working hands on with the clay was extremely helpful to grasp a better understanding of the muscles. I truely enjoyed this class and highly recommend taking it with Katrina. Katrina was super generous with her time. Thanks Katrina!”

“Instructor Kellee was AMAZING!!! Super inspiring and very clear in her explanations. Great content and very well taught.

“Kellee Stooks is a fabulous teacher. Her knowledge of the material is excellent, and she is a very adept and warm speaker. She was always willing to stop and answer our questions, and she made us feel good while we were all trying to learn something so new and complex. It is so obvious that this is what she should be doing!!”

“I really enjoyed the course and felt Kellee was a fabulous instructor. She was easy to follow and covered the material in informative and interesting manner. Personalized Pilates had a great studio with plenty of space and equipment for all attendees. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“Katrina is an excellent instructor and very knowledgable anatomy and kinesiology. Her interaction with students (at all skill levels) makes the material very easy to retain.”